The Ashram Mount Eliza

With great respect and love, we welcome you with all our hearts

The Ashram Mount Eliza

With great respect and love, we welcome you with all our hearts

Swami Shankarananda The Ashram Melbourne Shaktipat Meditation Intensive (1)

July 2024 Shaivism Retreat & Intensive

The retreat is an opportunity to come and experience daily ashram life. Highlights are evening programs with Swamiji and morning sessions with Devi Ma. Other practices include chanting, meditation and yoga. The retreat culminates with the Intensive, an all-day meditation event dedicated to Shaktipat, where Swamiji gives Kundalini Awakening. Our next retreat will be held from Saturday June 29th to Sunday July 7th, 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform and uplift your life.

Learn to Meditate Course Melbourne with Swami Shankarananda

Satsang with
Swamiji & Devi Ma

Join Swami Shankarananda & Devi Ma for the weekly Saturday night satsang program at The Ashram. The perfect event to attend if you’re visitng for the first time, satsang includes a wisdom talk from Swamiji on yoga and meditation, ecstatic kirtan and chanting, meditation, and chai and cake. There’s also a chance for darshan, meeting Swamiji & Devi Ma in person. Satsang means to keep the company of truth, opening to higher wisdom and filling your cup with Shakti.

Self-inquiry Training

Shiva Process Self-inquiry is a powerful tool for inner and outer transformation. Created and developed by Swamiji and Devi Ma, this meditation technique can be applied personally, with friends and family or in a corporate setting to resolve tensions and blocks that we carry. Learn to become empowered in your inner world and shift your state to the Clear Space of Good Feeling, no matter what is going on around you. You’ll work with an expert instructor in a 1-on-1 setting, in-person or online.

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What is an Ashram?

Ashram’s originate in India, and are traditionally the home of a sage, Guru or mystic. People come to an ashram seeking spiritual guidance, and to discover and deepen their connection with the inner Self. Ashram’s are often residential, and also offer programs to the public.

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