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Swami Shankarananda’s Blog

Swamiji has joined the blog-o-sphere! A successful author of many books on yoga and spirituality and the best-selling guide to meditation Happy for No Good Reason, Swamiji has decided to join the online world of blogging. Here, he shares what he calls his ‘Notes from the Tea Shop’. These are insights, contemplations, and teachings that have come to him in meditation over the years. He’s also been sharing them in the weekly Tuesday night study group we have at The Ashram, which is a lot of fun. Swamiji’s blog is a chance to read his never before published works and receive regular pieces written by him in your inbox.

Swami Shankarananda Sri Nityananda Ashram Mount Eliza

Devi Ma’s Blog

One of our favourite Ashram Links is Devi Ma’s Blog. Devi Ma is the co-director and Mother of the Ashram. She has worked with Swami Shankarananda for many years and was instrumental in the creation of the Shiva Process Self Inquiry technique. As a long-time practitioner, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience about yoga, meditation and spirituality to offer. Check out Devi Ma’s blog, which is updated regularly, and features unique and insightful posts about many aspects of the spiritual path. Devi Ma posts regular snippets of Swamiji’s work as well as her own deep contemplations on yoga and spirituality.

Devi Ma

Online Global Community

Another essential part of the Ashram links is the live streaming of satsang. The Ashram has a large and ever growing online global community of seekers, that tune every Saturday night and watch satsang at The Ashram streamed live on their computers, phones or tablets. Alternatively for those who live in different time zones, they can re-watch at their leisure throughout the week. This website not only live streams the broadcast of satsang every week, but you can also view a number of other programs that are held at The Ashram including; Swami Shankarananda’s Intensive talk and Q/A session, the Learn to Meditate Course and over a years worth of Swamiji’s talks. All online programs are streamed live, and also available on-replay. All this is provided for subscription fee.

Satsang Live Shiva at Sri Nityananda Ashram

Ashram Bookshop

The Ashram Bookshop sells a variety of products designed to support seekers on the spiritual path. Swami Shankarananda’s entire range of books is available, alongside titles from other great spiritual teachers. Rare items of Indian jewellery, including mala beads, are available, as are meditation shawls, cushions and much more. The bookstore is always adding new items and you can request items as well. A lot of the products come straight from India providing that authentic Hindu experience.

Ashram Book Store

Other Links

Murti Bhagavan Nityananda during satsang at Sri Nityananda Ashram Mount Eliza

Nityananda: The Living Tradition 

Swami Shankarananda has created a website that is an encyclopedia of the different spiritual teachers connect the lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. No other website like this exists.

Swami Shankarananda's latest book 'Ganeshpuri Days: Memoirs of a Western Yogi' is now out!