Ganeshpuri Weekend

Meditation Retreat & Intensive with Shaktipat

w/ Swami Shankarananda & Devi Ma

Friday October 1st - Sunday 3rd

The heart is the hub of all sacred places.
Go there and roam in it.

- Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri

Time spent in satsang is a healing balm for the troubled mind and trying times we’re living in. With this in mind, The Ashram is happy to announce our upcoming online Ganeshpuri-style retreat.


Join Swami Shankarananda and Devi Ma for 3 days of mantra, meditation, and time spent in good company. Each day will feature programs designed to uplift and enliven the inner world.


Retreat highlights include the Shiva Mahimna Stotra, Guru Gita, Self-inquiry, and talks with Swamiji and Devi Ma. The retreat culminates in a Meditation Intensive with Shaktipat.


We have experienced first hand over the last year that physical distance  is no match for the grace of the divine Shakti. Scroll down to see what some of our previous participants are saying about our online retreats and intensives.

Workshops with
senior ashram teachers

Learn Self-inquiry meditation through the Shiva Process Method.

Meditate with
Swami Shankarananda & Devi Ma

Experience the divine energy, Shakti, as your own Self in the company of meditation masters.

Study Kashmir Shaivism

The non-dual tantric philosophy of Consciousness.

Shaktipat - Kundalini Awakening

In 1976, Swamiji’s Guru Baba Muktananda instructed him to ‘awaken people just as he did’. Baba was referring to Shaktipat, or Kundalini awakening. Shaktipat is the awakening of divine awareness in the seeker by a Guru who has been given that power from his own teacher. Shaktipat leads to deeper, more alive meditations, and can make reaching states of meditation much easier. 

The guidance of a master is essential when receiving Shaktipat and doing sadhana. Swamiji has awakened thousands of people and guides seekers with love, compassion, humility and grace. 


All ashram retreats culminate in the Intensive program.

Example Retreat Schedule

Retreat & Intensive Testimonials

“I wanted to write to say thank you for an amazing retreat and tell you how wonderful my experience of the summer retreat was.


I loved your comment in your retreat welcome about bringing Ganeshpuri into our homes. I really felt that that was true.   


I worked hard to arrange my schedule here to participate as if I was there, and attend all of the programs live.  It was great that the morning schedule worked in our favour as mid afternoon and early evening here.  I would then retire early and get up early again for your evening program. In that way it continued a flow of energy. 


During each talk, I could feel each person’s love and devotion come through and each talk opened a floodgate of tears. Tears of joy, bliss, love, devotion, gratitude. Tears of knowing, of understanding, of affirmation, of lessons learned, lessons missed and learning, Reasonable tears and unreasonable tears. Tears of anger, frustration and sadness.  Everything under the Sun. 


As the intensive was drawing near, I saw how sensitive I was to everything and everybody around me. The Shakti was frying me and I felt a great emotional reaction. My “biggest negative emotional tendency” arose from deep within. It shattered me. I did NOT want to be back here. I continued doing the practices and they all helped until I would have to attend to other things, and then it would start again, I could not hold it. 


I left the house in tears and embracing the mantra started walking. I started Self Inquiry and I started to pray.  Somehow I could see that I was not going to be able to do this on my own. I gave it all up. I had the best conversation with myself, Self, God and Guru (okay, maybe it began as a tantrum, thank goodness I live in the countryside!) 


I walked as far as time allowed and then turned around to walk back for the intensive. Halfway along, the Sun shining down on my face made me stop. I thought of the Guru as the Sun. Of you as the Sun.  Of your New Years message.


Standing there, basking in the Sun I listened to your guided meditation tracks on my phone.  Just standing there in the Sun, the snow and ice.  Letting go. Forgiving and accepting myself.  Opening to my Self.  To the Guru. To the Shakti.  


A short while later, as I listen to Devi Ma’s opening talk and then Your talk during the intensive, I can feel the Shakti, the love in the words.  I have an insight that it feels as if I have experienced all of what has been spoken about during the retreat.  Each word spoken, has worked in me and lifted me out of a corner of darkness. 


I think about the meaning and potential of the Guru-disciple relationship. You told me once not to worry about where I am. That to sit at the feet of the Guru is realization enough and what further realizations there are to be, they come to you while you sit there.  I try to make extra efforts to remember that.  That to sit in your light, lifts me out of the darkness of my mind.  It is perfect. 


The day after the intensive, I felt calm. A loving presence. I know that I must stay on guard.  Try to be alert and hold the feeling. Take your gifts from Baba and add them into my practice, in a renewed effort.  “I am the Self”.   ‘I ‘am the Self’.   ‘I am the Self”.  My love and Gratitude to you Guruji for your Sadhana, your gift to us.


With all my Love and Devotion”

– G, Canada

‘Connecting with the breath meditation was unbelievable. I have not experienced a deeper meditation before, so it must be the ‘online’ shaktipat working here! … I learned that my mind can take a break, and the world will not end because of it. … I learned that having a Guru is not only important, but essential. … Thank you Swamiji for all that you are, and what you represent. I am truly blessed that I have you in my life, a guide, a home, a resting place, a pure abode. … That background to the breath, those points of no movement of air, were so tangible, and I could clearly abide in that space (if it can be called ‘space’!). I didn’t want to leave. I learned that every breath gives me an opportunity to connect with that space. I can always go there when anxious or miserable.’ – V. Melbourne

“Yes, I thought it felt like a “real” Intensive. I have taken many during the last 36 years. The effects started earlier for me, as a physical Intensive usually does, with Vani Ma’s MC talk at Saturday’s satsang that was really moving. Though I couldn’t bring myself to get up at 2 am (my time zone) for the Intensive‘s live transmission, I  distinctly felt this special atmosphere with a kind of warm energy flooding from the screen when I started to watch the replay 7 hours later. I think this new format is a fantastic one, please keep it! … Swamiji just showered us with inspiring food for thought and practice… Also, Devi Ma’s talk was a real pleasure to listen to, as always. And I always love Lila’s MC talks. The meditations were enveloping.”

“Leading up to the Intensive, the Shakti was good to me especially in a material way. Your Intensive talks and Q& A were wonderful & informative. The Hamsa meditation is not one I often use, as I have had very good results with Om Namah Shivaya- in meditation & throughout the day. Maybe Hamsa brought up stuff that needed to come up as discomfort in the body, but I stuck with it because you said to. Yet, as I reflect, it wasn’t a lost effort (it was the meditation I was having)…Finally I was aware that the top of my head was like a wide bowl, made wider by the Intensive? Interesting. The Shakti of course was palpable hours before & during the Intensive, but very much still present today, the day after. Grateful. “

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Events taking place in the outer world create a reaction in our inner world. Self-inquiry is a method by which we become extremely aware of the nature of our reactions. Often these show up as stress held inwardly either consciously or unconsciously. By inquiry we seek to discover the blockages and release them, creating inner harmony.

MM Swami Shankarananda
Swami Shankarananda's latest book 'Ganeshpuri Days: Memoirs of a Western Yogi' is now out!