Meditation Retreat
& Intensive

Saturday June 29th - Sunday July 7th

Accommodation available. Contact to register interest. Exact retreat dates are subject to change.

Consciousness is Everything

Explore consciousness and Kashmir Shaivism with a master himself, MM Swami Shankarananda. A prolific author and authority in the field of Shaivism, take this special opportunity to delve into various sutras of Shaivism through a hermeneutic lens. Swamiji’s approach will view these ancient teachings from an intellectual, emotional and practical view, bringing great insight to the modern yogi. 

The Guru is different from ordinary teachers in that they can transmit an actual experience of God, the Self and the divine.

Devi Ma will share her years of wisdom and expertise throughout the retreat. Her loving compassion will guide you through Shiva Process Self-inquiry, the powerful technique for meditation created and developed by Swamiji and Devi Ma. She’ll share on Shaivism, meditation, and the modern day practical application of yoga in the world. 

July Retreat 2024

To spend time with a true Guru is a rare opportunity.

Guruji’s open-hearted wisdom permeates the Ashram atmosphere. People easily fall into meditation and experience the true Self. A single moment with the Guru can uplift your life forever.


This retreat is a perfect way to deepen your practice and unburden your heart!


The Ashram is a powerful setting where you can focus on your practice and connect with your inner Self. You will also learn from experienced teachers and share your experiences with like-minded people.

A retreat at the ashram is a time of deep spiritual growth and transformation.

It is a refuge and a sanctuary from the challenges of daily life. You will be uplifted by a deep sense of community and belonging as you connect with the inner Self in a truly sacred, one-of-a-kind atmosphere.


Daily programs include chanting, meditation, evening talks with Guruji, day-time talks Devi Ma and other senior teachers, Self-inquiry practice, hatha yoga, puja (rituals), and time spent in Satsang.


The retreat culminates in the meditation intensive, which features Shaktipat. The entire retreat will be live-streamed as well and can be watched live or on-demand through a replay.

Swami Shankarananda with his Guru Baba Muktananda
Meditation Intensive with Shaktipat the Ashram Mt Eliza -3

Meditation Intensive
with Shaktipat

Sunday July 7th

To feel truly alive, we must awaken our inner energy. To know our own Self, to love our own Self, and to understand our own Self is to come alive. We can then experience the divine Consciousness that pervades everywhere, within and without.

The retreat culiminates with a full day meditation Intensive focusing on awakening the inner power. It is a transmission of grace from the Guru. Guruji lives in a state of blissful happiness and can transmit that experience to others. It is a truly transformative experience that can leave you inspired and empowered as a yogi and meditator.

Guruji was instructed by his own teacher, Baba Muktananda, in the 1970s to hold Intensives. Baba said of Swamiji, 'He has the ability to awaken the Divine power'.

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