Satsang is the highlight of the week at The Ashram and is a festive and vibrant event. Satsang means ‘to keep the company of Truth’. In Swami Shankarananda’s (or Swamiji) company we hear the teachings of the Great Beings and the inner Self .

Speaking generally, spiritual practice involves two movements – affirming the highest reality on the one hand, and addressing practical problems in everyday life on the other. Although the ashram honors each of these approaches, satsang is a time to leave personal dramas behind, and bask in the Self and the great Shakti (spiritual energy) of our tradition. In any case, satsang is extremely elevating, and from an expanded state of consciousness, we might find that we are in a better place to deal with the challenges of life, or perhaps these challenges might dissolve altogether.

Swamiji calls satsang a ‘life-sustaining program’, so whether you’re a Learn to Meditate graduate, a long-time member of the ashram community, or especially if you have never visited before, we invite you to attend this program as a way of continuing and deepening your meditation and spiritual practice.

Shiva Sri Nityananda Ashram Mount Eliza
Satsang with Swami Shankarananda Sri Nityananda Ashram
Statue of Sri Nityananda Ashram Mount Eliza

Enjoy Swamiji’s illuminating talks on the philosophy of meditation and yoga, as he draws on a variety of traditions, texts and Great Beings, including:

  • Baba Muktananda
  • Bhagavan Nityananda
  • Ramana Maharshi
  • Nisargadatta Maharaj
  • Anandamayi Ma
  • G. I. Gurdjieff
  • Sri Aurobindo
  • Sri Ramakrishna
  • Yoga Vashistha
  • Zen Buddhism.

Satsang includes darshan, a chance to meet Swamiji and Devi Ma and receive a blessing, as well as chanting and meditation, uplifting yogic practices that still the mind and open the heart. You are also welcome join us for a delicious vegetarian dinner at 6.00pm and arati at 7.00pm, a devotional practice involving chanting and the waving of lights.

Swamiji’s talks are also available as podcasts. See below for more information.

  • Every Saturday evening

  • Dinner 6.00pm

  • Satsang 7.30pm (arati from 7.00pm)

'There are many ways to attain God but satsang is the most sublime. If you simply stay in the Guru’s company with great care, the right time will eventually come and then you will attain perfection.' – Baba Muktananda
Swami Shankarananda's latest book 'Ganeshpuri Days: Memoirs of a Western Yogi' is now out!