The Ashram Online Programs

The Ashram Mt Eliza Online Programs

Strengthen and support your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being with The Ashram Online Programs with Swami Shankarananda.

The Ashram is a lineage-based mystery school of inner wisdom and awakening. Swami Shankarananda guides seekers and students on their own unique journey, allowing the yogi to discover the inner Shakti for themselves. Swamiji’s over 40 years of wisdom and experience, as well as years as a foremost disciple of the great Indian Guru, Baba Muktananda, provide an unparalleled access to the ancient wisdom of this tradition.

Satsang only

Weekly live-streamed satsang

Uplift your mind & open your heart to Consciousness

Each week features a talk on a great being from a different tradition around the world

Ecstatic kirtan chanting

Mantras dedicated to the world

Once-off membership available

Full Weekly Program Membership

Kashmir Shaivism Study Group | Live & Interactive

Satsang | Swamiji's feature talk, chanting & meditation

Sanjivani | Mantra & Meditation Practice

Yoga | Weekly recorded classes

Archive | Over 70+ hours of content available now

Unlimited replay & more!

Online Retreat

Evening programs with Swamiji in the non-dual Shaiva tantra tradition

Practice Self-inquiry with Devi Ma's renowned guided meditations

Streamed live globally + replay

Kirtan chanting workshop

Yoga classes

A unique deep-dive into ashram practices and sadhana

Testimonials from Ashram Online members:

The intensive was wonderful. So uplifting and full of divine insights. Your knowledge astounds me and you share it so beautifully and clearly. I especially enjoyed the footage of Baba giving the touch in his inimitable style. Thank God he passed the gift on to you. Looking forward to being able to come to see you again. Thinking of doing the on line courses in the meantime. Thank you so much for today. I feel like a new person. Full of love and Grace. Happy Guru Purnima Dearest. – C. Melbourne

Swami Shankarananda's latest book 'Ganeshpuri Days: Memoirs of a Western Yogi' is now out!