Winter Retreat & Intensive

Celebrate Guru Purnima
with Swami Shankarananda & Devi Ma

Saturday July 2nd - Sunday July 10th

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Real strength comes from being centred in the divine

Being in the company of the Guru is one of the most direct and easiest ways to experience the inner Self, and the retreat is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Spending time with Guruji and Devi Ma, who have the capacity to transmit the Shakti, spiritual energy, is one of the rarest gifts and can yield great spiritual rewards.


The retreat is packed with yogic practices. Evening programs with Guruji are a highlight, listening to his talks, chanting and meditating. Devi Ma’s insightful Shiva Process Self-inquiry sessions can take seekers deep into self-knowledge and bring understanding to their daily lives. Retreatants often experience insight into life issues.

On the spiritual path, which is profound and often confusing, there is no greater friend than the Guru. Not only does the Guru awaken the slumbering potential of the aspirant, but he guides him on his way and becomes a compass point for his true direction. — Guruji​

Retreat Schedule

Other daily activities include talks by Ashram teachers, Hatha Yoga, pujas and seva (selfless service). The retreat culminates with an Intensive, a day-long program dedicated to Shaktipat, the spiritual awakening.

A hand holds a rudraksha mala to practice japa during a meditation retreat program at The Ashram in Mount Eliza with Swami Shankarananda
Meditation Intensive with Shaktipat Awakening with Swami Shankarananda at The Ashram Mount Eliza

Shaktipat - Kundalini Awakening

In 1976, Swamiji’s Guru Baba Muktananda instructed him to ‘awaken people just as he did’. Baba was referring to Shaktipat, or Kundalini awakening. Shaktipat is the awakening of divine awareness in the seeker by a Guru who has been given that power from his own teacher. Shaktipat leads to deeper, more alive meditations, and can make reaching states of meditation much easier. 

The guidance of a master is essential when receiving Shaktipat and doing sadhana. Swamiji has awakened thousands of people and guides seekers with love, compassion, humility and grace. 


All ashram retreats culminate in the Intensive program.

Retreat options:

Workshops with
senior ashram teachers

Learn Self-inquiry meditation through the Shiva Process Method.

Meditate with
Swami Shankarananda & Devi Ma

Experience the divine energy, Shakti, as your own Self in the company of meditation masters.

Study Kashmir Shaivism

The non-dual tantric philosophy of Consciousness.


Meditation Retreat at The Ashram in Mt Eliza


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