Yoga Workshop

Shaivite Anatomy: Consciousness and the body

You are invited to join Swami Durgananda of Bhavana Rahko Yoga at The Ashram this October, for a yoga teacher training weekend workshop on Shaivite Anatomy: Consciousness and the body.


This yoga workshop is suitable for anyone interested in exploring their anatomy through the lens of Kashmir Shaivism.

Shaivite Yoga anatomy is the study of divine conscious dust. We look at the study of subtle currents of energy that move through the layers of the three bodies with the Self at the centre.

As human beings we are embodied Consciousness – a mind and body that thinks, feels, breathes and moves in a field of space and gravity. We move in relationship to our environment and our body is constantly working to be in a harmonious state. Use your awareness to explore the physical body as an aspect of Consciousness. Approach the body as a divine manifestation and the anatomy and physiology of the body suddenly becomes something that is much more interesting. Not just a messy mass of circuits, systems, flesh, bones etc.

It is a Conscious, divinely organised chaos oscillating with godly pulsations through time and space.

During the workshop you will explore:


Shaivite Philosophy


Basic embryology:

  • Consciousness took form as we grew ourselves and how that relates to the tattva map of Shaivism.


Basic anatomical orientation terms:

  •  How our experience of them affects our movement and Consciousness through life.
Yoga Teacher Training at The Ashram Mt Eliza Weekend 1

When: Saturday the of 5th October from 9:00am to 4:30pm. Sunday the 6th of October from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Cost: $280, including the workshop textbook and course content written by Swami Durgananda.

There is an option to eat lunch at The Ashram for a cost of $10. There is also an option to stay overnight on the property and immerse yourself in your sadhana, or spiritual practice by coming to our satsang program on the Saturday evening.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL. To book in please email or call us on (03) 9775 2568.

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